About us

Our company - Kazi Ya Sanaa

We are a supplier of authentic African products including Beadwork, African Jewellery and Ethnic clothing.

See our product range of African products with prices. We commercially showcase the talented work of our African artists. The work of our artists is the very best work of art. Embark on an ethnic journey with us through the beautiful motherland of African artefacts, beadwork and jewellery.

  • Top quality unique products
  • Best customer service
  • Hand Crafted and hand picked

KaziYaSanaa.co.uk brings lasting income to people and communities in Africa in two ways:

We bring thousands of African creations to the UK market, This creates real change with a sustainable income for hundreds of small business people in Africa.

We also help hundreds of African orphan children through direct donations. A percentage of every purchase from KaziYaSanaa.co.uk helps pay for food, schooling, and medical care for hundreds of children. We are closely connected with these children, and do extra to guarantee that this money is properly distributed to them.

What we do

"Kazi ya sanaa" is Swahili which translates to "the work of art", which is what the products produced by our wonderful artists in our network.

Many in Africa live in poor conditions yet they are full of ingenuity and creativity that is second to none. Given good opportunities and resources they would go far to support each other as they foster a family oriented attitude towards life.

Despite the beautiful products created at the hands the highly skilled and artistic individuals they have nowhere to showcase their work to make money. With better access to markets of the products making their life more comfortable for the skilled individuals and alleviate poverty.

Kazi Ya Sanaa came in to existence as a starting point to create a platform where artists can get their work marketed and sold and them getting back enough funds for their efforts to improve their living standards. You can become part of our dream by liking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter and Instagram but also visit our website: www.kaziyasanaa.co.uk and grab yourself a piece of the work of art.

Our Products

African Hand made Crafts

The craftmanship industry in Africa is crucial in bringing the various cultures to life, with beautiful techniques and skills being passed down through the generations from mothers to daughters. These rural African individualised are some of the most impoverished people in Africa and yet they still manage to produce outstanding, authentic products in difficult circumstances.

African Jewellery

African Beaded Jewellery in eye catching colours and designs is the African Beaded Necklaces essence of African craft and has become sought after worldwide. Vibrant African Beaded Bracelets and Bangles, Beaded Necklaces and Earrings are worn by various African communities. Traditional African designs have fused with contemporary styles creating unique African Beadwork Jewellery of which KaziYaSanaa.co.uk carries a wide range and frequently adds new styles.